By Seton T. Hengesbach, Esq.

Absolutely. Often times, beneficiaries are left in the dark with no knowledge or understanding of the assets or funds held in the trust. This is usually the result of the trustee not providing an accounting or otherwise keeping the beneficiaries informed of the trust administration. In other words, the trustee is breaching the fiduciary duty they owe to you as a beneficiary.

Under Florida law, qualified beneficiaries are entitled to know what is in the trust (the inventory) and how the assets are being managed (the accounting). These obligations are codified on the Florida Trust Code at F.S. 736.

If you are a beneficiary whose has not been kept adequately informed or if you believe the trustee is mismanaging the assets, you must act quickly by hiring an experience trust litigation attorney. For more information, please visit our website at or email me directly at for more information.