Probate and Trust Administration

Probate and Trust Administration

If a family member or friend has passed, probate may be necessary. Probate is the legal process of administering the Florida estate of someone who had died. During this process a Florida probate attorney will petition the court to open an estate, ascertain and pay debts, marshal assets and identify beneficiaries.

The probate process is extremely complex in Florida. An attorney is almost always required by law. Hengesbach & Hengesbach, P.A. offers full-service representation in the area of probate including:

  • Formal Administration
  • Summary Administration
  • Intestate and Testate Estates
  • Trust Administration
  • Federal Estate Tax Returns (IRS Form 706)
  • Estate Creditor Claims
  • Probate and Trust Accountings

Selecting the right attorney for a Florida probate or trust administration is critical. Let our team provide you the guidance to efficiently navigate this difficult process.

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